What Means Of 3 Ply IIR Surgical Masks? Tips To Select It.

March 09,2021

Protective 3 ply IIR Surgical Disposable Medical Face Masks are top choice with medical personnel. This article will tell you some terms of masks, difference and tips to choose surgical masks.


 Protective 3 ply IIR Surgical Disposable Medical Face Masks


What Does IIR Masks Mean?

You can be protected by pulse.


What’s a Surgical Mask?

Surgical masks (also named medical masks), is actually created to become put on by healthcare experts in the course of surgical procedure as well as nursing, to aid avoid poisoning of the medical field or the patient through capturing liquefied beads that are actually eliminated by the user.


What Is 3 Ply Iir Surgical Mask?

The three-layer mask is made of two layers of non-woven fabric that is professionally used for medical and health care. The outer layer is a water blocking layer, which can block splashing liquids. Add a layer in the middle to filter and prevent bacteria up to 99.999% or more of the filter melt spray cloth by ultrasonic welding. It can effectively block particles from 0.3 to 1.0 pm. The inner layer is a water-absorbing layer, which can absorb moisture in the wearer's mouth and nose. It must also be equipped with a nose clip and lace.


 Protective 3 ply IIR Surgical Disposable Medical Face Masks


Difference Between 2 Ply And 3 Ply Masks

1. Number of mask layers

The two-layer mask is made of two layers of non-woven fabric, and the three-layer mask is the three layers mentioned above.


2. Purpose

Two-layer mask: The two-layer mask is suitable for electronic factories and daily use.

Three-layer masks: Three-layer masks can be used in electronics manufacturing, dust-free workshops, catering services, food processing, schools, motorcycles, spray processing, stamping hardware, health centers, handicrafts, hospitals, cosmetology, pharmaceuticals, and factories , Clean environment, electronic factories, steel factories, printing factories, etc.


3. Advantages

Two-layer mask: The texture of the two-layer mask is relatively light; it is very elastic and can be restored after stretching; the price is relatively low and suitable for mass production.

Three-layer mask: The three-layer mask is very breathable; it can filter toxic gases; it can keep warm; it can absorb water; it can be waterproof; it is stretchable; it will not be messy; it feels very good and quite soft.


 Protective 3 ply IIR Surgical Disposable Medical Face Masks


How To Choose A Surgical Mask?

There are numerous kinds of fashion dirt hides and also average care masks on the market, and also they are actually not effective for coronavirus avoidance. Just before placing an order, feel free to see to it you purchase 3-ply operative hides instead of fashion disguises, regular disposable dust hides or even 2-ply cleanliness cover-ups.


An appropriate operative mask is actually commonly made of three coatings, consisting of an outer hydrophobic non-woven coating, a mid melt-blown coating, as well as an inner delicate absorbing non-woven level. These 3 layers have their particular functionalities: the exterior coating is actually wanted to put off water, blood and also body fluids; the mid melt-blown coating is the critical highlight of a medical face mask, it is created as the filter to stop germs from going into or exiting the hide; and also the internal coating is wanted to absorb water, sweat and discharge.


The 3-ply medical cover-up is as reliable as N95 respirators in avoiding breathing viral infections like influenza or coronavirus illness like COVID-19.



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