Wear Ear Masks Difficultly? Strangle Your Ears? What Should I Do?

March 16,2021

Masks can be divided into head-mounted masks, earloop face masks and neck-mounted masks according to different ways of wearing them. Today, we are focusing on earloop face mask.


Some friends often fail to hang earloop face masks, which is very troublesome. It is necessary to know that if the masks are not worn well, the protective effect will be affected. What should I do if the earloop face mask cannot be hung?


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Analyze The Reason First

There are many reasons why the earloop mask can not be hung, such as the incorrect wearing method. Of course it can’t be hung. It may also be because the strap of the earloop mask is loose or the ears are soft, so it is impossible to hang it. , It will be dropped as soon as it is hung up. At this time, it is necessary to replace a new mask in time or choose a head-wearing mask.


How To Wear It Correctly

  • Unfold the mask first
  • Pull the folds of the open cover and hang the two rubber bands on your two ears,
  • Adjust the mask to a comfortable position. After putting on the mask, press the metal strips on both sides of the nose bridge with both hands to make the nose bridge fit the mask tightly without leaving any gaps.


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How To Make The Earloop Face Mask Not Squeeze The Ears

In fact, the earache is mainly because the mask ear straps strangle our ears, and the ear straps are relatively inferior.

1. Poor elasticity of ear straps

2. Ear straps are too short

3. The surface of the ear strap is too rough

4. The ear strap is too thin and the force area is small

5. The resistance of the mask is too large. Many people wonder how the high resistance of the mask affects the earbands? The main reason is that the large resistance of the mask will easily lead to the poor airtightness of the mask, and the ear straps will be too tight if the mask body needs to be stretched.


Choosing Tips

It is necessary to choose a mask with thick ear straps, uniform surface, and sufficient elasticity. It is best to adjust the ear straps of the mask. The most important thing is to choose an ultra-low resistance mask.


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Actually, if you choose and wear correctly, it is comfortable. Ganlong Pharmaceutical

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