How to make an efficient medical mask

April 16,2021

Although you can now take off the mask in places with few people, you must wear a mask in traffic. Maybe the mask can make you round metal sunglasses is covered with mist. When working in a hospital, it is very important for medical staff to wear highly effective protective medical masks. Here are some ideas about making highly effective protective medical masks.


Before you make it, you must master the knowledge of antibacterial principles, which is very important for effective protection after making it. This is the same for making bandage medical face masks.


bandage medical face masks


Antibacterial principle of medical masks

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The cover-ups of medical center staffs need to possess virus defense. Such types primarily include medical surgical hides and N95 disguises. The nationwide YY 0469-2004 "Technical Requirements for Medical Surgical Masks" states that the essential technological indicators that health care surgical face masks should meet include filtration effectiveness, microbial filtration efficiency (BFE) and also breathing protection:


Filtration efficieness

Under the condition of sky circulation (30 ± 2 )L/min, the filtering productivity of sodium chloride aerosol with aerodynamic average diameter (0.24 ± 0.06 )μm is actually certainly not less than 30%;


Microbial filtering efficiency

Under defined ailments, the filtration efficiency of Staphylococcus aureus spray along with an average bit size of (3 ± 0.3) μm is actually certainly not less than 95%;


Respiration resistance

Under the health condition of filtration effectiveness and flow speed, the inhalation protection does certainly not go beyond 49Pa, as well as the breath protection performs not go over 29.4 Pa. 


One of them, the standard for making certain the filtration impact of microorganisms is the second, the filtration effectiveness of Staphylococcus aureus bacterial spray (3 micron level) is certainly not less than 95%. The brand new coronavirus is an enveloped, unsegmented single-stranded positive-stranded RNA infection. The particles are rounded or elliptical, along with a dimension of about 60-140nm (0.06 ~ 0.14 microns). Although the filtering efficiency of medical operative cover-ups for 0.3 micron particles is actually just 30%, because infections, germs and also various other virus may certainly not exist airborne in isolation, they should be connected to dirt, droplets and also various other micelles, so they may likewise offer helpful infection protection.


The filtration efficiency of medical protective masks with the implementation standard of GB19083-2010 is the most stringent among medical masks. Level 1 is the same as N95, level 2 is the same as N99, and level 3 is the same as N100.


Therefore, although the N95 mask is not a medical mask, its particle filtration efficiency meets the standard of not less than 95%, and it can better fit the human face, so it can also play a good role in virus prevention.


The main material that brings the virus filtering effect to these two masks is the extremely fine and electrostatic inner filter cloth-meltblown non-woven fabric.


The main material of meltblown non-woven fabric is polypropylene, which is a kind of ultra-fine electrostatic fiber cloth, which can capture dust. When the droplets containing pneumonia virus come close to the meltblown non-woven fabric, they will be electrostatically adsorbed on the surface of the non-woven fabric and cannot penetrate. This is how this material isolates germs. After the dust is captured by the ultra-fine electrostatic fiber, it is very difficult to be removed due to washing, and washing with water will also destroy the electrostatic dust collection ability. Therefore, this mask can only be used once. Meltblown filtration levels suitable for flat masks are: ordinary, BFE95 (filtration efficiency 95%), BFE99 (filtration efficiency 99%), PFE95 (filtration efficiency 99%), VFE95 (filtration efficiency 99%), KN90 (filtration efficiency 90%) ).


bandage medical face masks 


The production of medical surgical masks

Medical surgical masks are generally made of three layers of non-woven fabrics. The material is spunbond non-woven fabric + meltblown non-woven fabric + spunbond non-woven fabric. It is also possible to use short fibers in one layer to improve the skin touch, that is, ES hot-rolled non-woven fabric + melt-blown non-woven fabric + spunbonded non-woven fabric. The outer layer of the mask has an anti-droplet design, the middle layer is filtered, and the internal memory absorbs moisture. Melt blown cloth is generally selected to weigh 20 grams.


The N95 cup mask is composed of needle-punched cotton, melt-blown cloth, and non-woven fabric. The melt-blown cloth is usually 40 grams or higher, plus the thickness of needle-punched cotton, so it looks more flat than flat. The mask is thicker, and its protective effect can reach at least 95%.


After making it, be sure to use the textiles metal detector to detect if there are metal pieces or residual metal strips , So as not to accidentally scratch the skin.


Questions about making medical masks

1. If the auxiliary materials are missing, can I make it?

 Yes, this is a simple method. Buy a few or take out a few common masks that have been used before, cook them in boiling water, sterilize and dry them, and cut a seam from the side, and add a new meltblown non-woven filter layer Go in, so you can reuse it as a new mask. (Note that the meltblown non-woven fabric should not be wetted with water and cannot withstand high temperatures, otherwise the filtering performance will be destroyed.)


2. What materials can be used as the most important filter layer?

N95 meltblown non-woven fabric is recommended first. The very fine fiber structure of this cloth can filter the particles in the air well. If it is electret treated, it will have electrostatic adsorption capacity, which will further enhance the particle filtering capacity.


If you can’t really buy a meltblown cloth, you can use a material with good hydrophobic properties but a slightly larger structural pore size, such as polyester fiber, that is, polyester. It cannot reach the 95% filtration efficiency of meltblown cloth, but because it does not absorb water, it can effectively protect against droplets after being folded in multiple layers.


3. How to disinfect the raw materials and masks made? Can the used masks be disinfected and reused?

It is feasible to disinfect and reuse the mask. However, please pay attention to two points: first, do not use alcohol, boiling water, steam or other high-temperature methods to sterilize meltblown non-woven fabrics or electrostatic filter cotton layers, because these methods will destroy the physical structure of the material and deform the filter layer. The filtration efficiency is greatly reduced; secondly, when disinfecting the used mask, you must pay attention to secondary pollution, keep the mask away from daily necessities, and do not touch your lips, eyes, etc. with the hand that has touched the mask.


Specific disinfection method

For non-filter structures, such as outer non-woven fabrics, ear straps, nose clips, etc., can be sterilized by boiling water, alcohol soaking, etc.


For the meltblown non-woven fabric filter layer, you can use ultraviolet light (wavelength 254 nanometers, intensity 303uw/cm^2, 30 seconds of action), or 70 degrees Celsius oven for 30 minutes. These two methods can kill bacteria and viruses without basically destroying the filtering performance.


4. Where can I buy the materials?

Manufacturers searching for non-woven materials on 1688 or selling non-woven baby diaper raw material generally sell melt-blown non-woven materials. You can ask if you can make masks.


5. Can I wear a bandage medical face mask?

Of course. Compared with the ear-hanging type, the bandage medical face mask is more comfortable. Because the ear-hanging mask will hurt after wearing it for a long time. The only inconvenience is that the bandage medical face mask is more troublesome to wear and you need to tie it yourself.


6. Do I need to wear a medical mask for hiking?

No need to. This is a physical exercise. Wearing a mask may affect your breathing. But bulk hiking backpack needs to put a mask in case of emergency. Maybe you have already put two sets of adjustable cane in your backpack, the ingredients of the day and the lightweight merino wool hiking socks that need to be replaced.


bandage medical face masks