Can I take off my mask in 2021?

April 10,2021

Although it has been a year since COVID-19, it is understood that due to strong domestic prevention and control measures, the epidemic has been effectively controlled after several months of hard work. Most people gradually returned to normal life. However, we still cannot slack off the prevention and control of the epidemic. Personal safety protection measures should be taken, and disposable masks should be worn in crowded occasions.


On the whole, the current global epidemic prevention and control situation is still severe and complex. Regarding whether the epidemic will break out again, with the implementation of my country's normalized epidemic prevention and control measures, the risk of my country's epidemic rebound caused by the import of overseas epidemics is generally controllable.


people with disposable masks


Will the mask return to its original price in 2021?

Masks have been restored to their original prices a long time ago. You can buy masks with confidence, and now the prices of masks are very cheap. There are also many mask manufacturers selling masks, such as protective 3 ply IIR surgical disposable medical face masks, as well as medical masks such as  EU EC Medical masks. Don’t worry about the price increase of masks.


protective 3 ply IIR surgical disposable medical face masks


Can the mask be removed in 2021?

Wearing a mask is still a very important means of self-protection, and when the mask can be taken off depends on the development of the epidemic.


However, in areas where the epidemic is not serious, in places with few people or in open places, it is not necessary to wear a mask, especially during strenuous exercise.


Will masks be nervous in 2021

This is undoubtedly worried and will not be nervous. Now that 2021 has passed one-third, we can also see that the epidemic situation in China is now stable, and the situation in foreign countries is much better than in 2020, but strict prevention and control are still needed. Nowadays, there are many masks sold online, and the sales are also very good. For example, many foreigners buy high standard FFP2 masks.


How to distinguish the front and back of a mask

Medical protective masks and dust masks generally bulge outwards, which can quickly distinguish the front and back. Disposable medical masks are very flat. You can distinguish the front and back by the following methods:


What masks should I wear when going out?

Now that epidemic control is effective, people who have eaten enough frozen carrot slices at home are also in batches Enter the restaurant and taste delicious. There are also many boys and girls who have meticulously defeated, wearing a personalized baseball cap and round metal sunglasses, there are also some outdoor athletes, carry hiking backpack and carry mountaineering folding cane. If you just go shopping in a mall or play in scenic spots, just wear a disposable mask. For some people who have exercise habits, it is recommended not to wear a mask to exercise, which can easily lead to hypoxia and may also cause damage to the organs. Because exercise requires a lot of oxygen, wearing a mask will affect breathing. The amount of oxygen supplement is not sufficient, and if you exercise in this situation, hypoxia is prone to occur.


What should I pay attention to when wearing a mask during a special period?

Masks should be changed frequently, don't think they are not dirty, so they don't change them. Bacteria, viruses, and particulate matter are ubiquitous. You don't know when you are in contact with these harmful substances. After touching your mouth and nose, you may cause damage to your body. Some people like to wear the mask the other way around, and feel that the other side is not dirty, that is wrong. What is invisible to the naked eye does not mean that it is really not dirty. Dust and other harmful substances may have been contaminated on the mask long ago.


Wearing a mask for a long time will have a bad effect on the skin and easily cause skin problems. Under the condition of ensuring safety, you can take off the mask appropriately to allow the skin to permeate and breathe, and it can also supplement the human body with oxygen, so that it is not easy to cause problems.


Masks purchased online will generally be sealed with bopp packaging tape before shipping. It is recommended that you choose light and dark masks. Most of them are dyed. If they come in contact with the nose and mouth frequently, the harmful substances in them will be inhaled into the human body and have a bad effect on health, especially It is the respiratory tract and oral cavity.


You can wear a disposable mask

Disposable masks can be used in electronics manufacturing, dust-free workshops, catering services, food processing, schools, off-road motorcycles, spraying processing, stamping hardware, electroplating, chemical industry, steel, electric welding, handicraft industry in health centers, hospitals, cosmetology, pharmacy, factories, environmental cleaning, public places and many other uses.


How to use: Hang the elastic ear hooks on both ears, with a full nose, lightly press the fixing piece to fix it, so that the mask fits the face. The main technical indicators of the product: Carbon tetrachloride adsorption rate: 70% Benzene adsorption rate: ≥15% Resistance force: 80% Area weight: 35~45g/m2. Remarks: 1. Size: 9CMx17.5 2.


disposable blue medical mask


Disposable mask

The disposable three-layer mask is made of two layers of non-woven fabric and filter paper; the disposable three-layer mask is made of two layers of fiber non-woven fabric that is professionally used in medical and health care, and the middle layer is added to filter and prevent bacteria up to 99 More than% of the filter melt spray cloth is ultrasonically welded, and the nose bridge is made of environmentally friendly plastic strips, which do not contain any metal, and are equipped with vapor permeable and comfortable. The filtering effect B.F.E is as high as 99%, which is especially suitable for electronic factories.


The disposable activated carbon mask is made of 28 grams of non-woven fabric on the surface, and the middle layer is anti-bacterial filter paper to filter and prevent bacteria up to 99%, which plays a role of anti-bacterial and prevents virus damage; the middle layer is made of new and effective Adsorption and filtering materials-made of activated carbon fiber and activated carbon cloth, which have the functions of anti-virus, anti-odor, filter bacteria and dust prevention


Disposable masks are made with environmentally-friendly plastic nose strips. The nose clip design can be adjusted comfortably according to different face shapes. The inner cover ultrasonic spot welding is used, and the ear straps can be very firm and not easy to fall.


Is it safe to fold up disposable masks?

In fact, after inquiring about relevant regulations and standards, the folding method of the mask has no effect on the protective performance of the mask. It turns out that the folding method of masks is a non-critical performance evaluation index, which is generally reflected in the appearance or size requirements. my country's current mask standards do not clearly stipulate the appearance of mask folding methods. In practice, if there is a contractual agreement, the contractual agreement is generally implemented. For example, the Japanese market requires products to be folded upwards, and different customers in the European and American markets have different needs.


Two folding methods

Take mask production company as an example. Generally, mask products have two folding methods. Among them, the inner layer of non-woven fabric is folded down, and the inner layer of gauze is folded up. The products of the two folding methods have no performance.


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